Kids & Crypto: Investing for youth and beginners. BTC $RBLX AXS ENJ MANA RARI

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How to get started in Investing. A simple step-by-step guide to teach the basics of investing, why it is important, how to analyze investments and build a portfolio.

0:00 Intro

0:20 The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

1:00 Cash is a Shrinking Ice Cube

2:00 Have a Goal
Think 5 to 10 years ahead

3:00 Importance of Working and Earning
Tons of examples, car wash, newspaper delivery

4:00 The Magic Of Compounding

5:00 Investing in Obsolescence – $1,200 Today
Cost of a PS – PS5 vs BTC $1,200 Today

6:00 Investment Candidates

7:00 Criteria We Used to Evaluate Kid-Friendly Assets
Is the Asset safe for kids and family-friendly?
Is the Asset fun and enjoyable for kids?
Bonus points if it is something you and your kid enjoy together
Does the Asset teach important lifelong lessons? Like:
Responsibility with money and assets
Money isn’t free–you have to earn, save, and invest wisely
Learning security consciousness and being accountable for your own security
Ease of use and accessibility for you and for your kids
Appropriate for all ages and all financial maturity levels
Monetary value appreciation

8:00 Kid Friendly Assets Scorecard

9:00 How Does Bitcoin Rank?
Safe for kids: 5/10
Fun and enjoyable for kids: 2/10
Teach important lifelong lessons: 10/10
Ease of use/accessibility: 7/10
All ages / maturity: 4/10
Monetary Value Appreciation: 10/10
Average Score: 6.3/10

10:00 Roblox
What is Roblox?
Roblox is a video game platform that’s carved out its own niche in the social gaming industry. Roblox is unique in that its created a platform that emphasizes player-created content.

11:00 What makes Roblox unique?
Revenue Model
Roblox Growth
Roblox Price Chart
How Does Roblox Rank?

12:00 Axie Infinity
What is Axie Infinity?
A blockchain NFT game where players can collect, raise, battle, and trade virtual creatures called Axies in a virtual world
Axies can have different attributes and rarities
Players can earn cryptocurrency for playing the game
Axie has two different cryptos:
SLP – Used for in game utility to power up, change, and breed Axie creatures. Earned through gaming and can be consumed in game or bought and sold
AXS – Used for governance of the platform and staking. Has a max supply of 270M
36% allocated to team, advisors, fund
20% reserved for players to earn
29% staking rewards
11% in the public through IEO
SLP = Small Love Potion
AXS = Axie’s governance token.

13:00 How Does Axie Rank?

14:00 Other Assets to Consider
NBA Top Shots

14:30 NBA Top Shot

15:00 Decentraland

16:00 Rarible

17:00 Enjin

17:20 IA’s Kids Investment Portfolio
Portfolio is optimized for learning and fun, it’s not optimized purely for gains

18:00 Oliver – the 9 year old investment wizard

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